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Global Education in focus

Our research project Teachers for a Sustainable Future is funded by the International Visegrad Fund and co-funded by the European Union through HAND’s Association’s EU’s Presidency Project.

On 6/5/2024 we held the participative system mapping workshop with experts from the V4 countries representing NGO-s, ministries and researchers in order to dig deep into Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in pre-service teacher training. There are a few interesting conclusions:    

  •  “Demand of labour market for GCE expertise” is a key driver as universities align more and more with needs coming from the market.

  • To-be-teachers need more pedagogical methods, skills and competences, instead of lexical knowledge

During another online workshop for all interested participants on 23/5/2024 we covered many interesting topics and experiences, such as the possibility to integrate global education in the curriculum in secondary and higher education, or the importance of interdisciplinarity and intersectionality among others.

  • Did you know that in some Czech universities there are Education for Sustainable Development coordinators?

  • What do you think is common among all V4 countries and in Romania? The lack of GCE courses and institutional strategies and from bottom-up instead of top-down initiatives . 

The results of the research will be presented during HAND’s Association’s international conference on global citizenship education on 28-29 November 2024 in Budapest.


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